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December 22nd, 2018

"Hi; I just received your symphony necklace in gray (it was a gift from my*daughter) & I LOVE IT! I'm sensitive to metal b/c of a nickel allergy and even the best jewelry can leave a mark or rash on my neck. I love non metal jewelry and have difficulty finding necklaces in rubber, plastic or other materials. I absolutely love~love~love this necklace and know I'm going to wear it often. Not only do I appreciate the material that was used in creating the necklace, it's also fun, fashionable and funky. Just the statement piece I know I'll enjoy wearing. I just wish I could get 1 in every color! 
What a great company you have. Best of luck to you/your family w/4Loop2Loop  and thank you so much for offering these beautiful pieces in a material that I wear!"

Adrienne Daniels, Connecticut

December 18th 2018

"I received a navy and silver neckpiece from you and love it. Many thanks." 

Breda Whelan, Ireland

June 7th 2018

"This is my second purchase from 4Loop2Loop. After buying a trio necklace for myself (and loving it!:) I bought one for my sister for her birthday - it is on it's way to her right now & I'm sure she'll love it, too! Fun, funky & inexpensive - what a great combo! Shipment was very quick and Colin did an excellent job communicating with me. Two thumbs up to 4Loop2Loop - I'll be back for more!"

Aldean Edwards, Iowa

November 11th 2017

"That's so cool! I wore mine to the opera the other night and got a huge compliment from a man!! He thought it was so cool!!"     

Missy Boone, Texas

October 28th 2017

" ...thank you so much.. I get so many compliments.... love love your necklaces."                  

 Patricia Aronson, North Carolina

September 26, 2017 

 "So comfy and easy to take on and off. Very light weight and child proof which is important for all the moms out there. No snagging the hair in the back and very classy! Most importantly, it's price point is    amazing and it's a family owned               and operated business."                               

Ashley Morgan Monroe, Colorado
Our family at Point Dume, Malibu

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